Choosing the right mattress…

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on a lot of different factors — comfort, stress level, room temperature — but to get it right, you’ve got to start with the basics and your mattress is the first building block to a restful slumber.


You May Need a New Mattress if…

The life span of a mattress depends on a few points such as how often it’s used, the quality, your own changing comfort and support needs such as age and weight. In general, a mattress that has been used for five to eight years may no longer provide proper comfort and support you may need, and should be reassessed. A scientific study from Oklahoma State University, “Found that people with mattresses five years old or older reported significant improvements in sleep quality and comfort when sleeping on a new mattress, regardless of the sleeper’s age or weight”. So it is important to compare the mattress you are sleeping on now to newer models every few years.

You should think about buying a new mattress if you wake up tired or achy, you tend to sleep better at hotels than at home, your mattress looks saggy or lumpy, you’re over 40, or your mattress is at least five to seven years old. Mattresses don’t last for ever! But you should also consider what sleep position you prefer, whether you prefer a cooler or warmer sleep, do you have any injuries that affect you sleep and if you prefer a firmer or softer feeling mattress. Also consider your partner when selecting a new mattress as they may have different sleeping requirements to you.

Is it time to Buy a New Mattress ?

Consider these first;

  • Is your mattress five to eight years old?
  • Do you wake up with stiffness, numbness, aches and pains?
  • Have you had a better night’s sleep somewhere other than your own bed (such as a hotel or friend’s guest room)?
  • Does your mattress sag where you lie, or sag at the edges so you feel you might fall off?
  • Does your bed make noises when you lie on it?
  • Do you and your partner lie comfortably alongside each other?
  • Is the surface of your mattress uncomfortable to touch?
  • Would you be embarrassed to show your bed without sheets to your friends?
  • Is the cover torn, soiled or stained?

If you answered yes to these questions more than no it may be time for a new bed or mattress.

Did you know:

According to an Oklahoma State University study, a new mattress provided sleepers with significant improvements, including*:

  • 70.8% in sleep comfort
  • 62.0% in sleep quality
  • 55.3% in back pain
  • 50.7% in spine stiffness

*As compared to sleeping on a mattress 5 years old or older.