Once I place an order, when can I expect delivery?

This depends on a number of factors. The major factors influencing delivery times are:

  • Distance of your establishment from our Cape Town manufacturing facility
  • Quantity of your order and Lovely Linen’s stock availability
  • Time of the year (busy time begins approximately end of October until the 1st week in December)
  • Level of Customization of your order

If you could assist with forecasting the items 3 months in advance we can ensure a 24 hour lead time.

For example:

If you are within 50 km of our Cape Town office and your order consists of quantities we are holding in our warehouse then you can expect to receive your goods within 3 to 4 working days of Lovely Linen having received your signed and paid order.

If you are within 50 km of our Cape Town office but your order is very large and consists of embroidered items, then expect +-21 working days. That is why it is important for you the customer to plan your purchases and place your orders well in advance of your requirement to take possession of the goods.

If you are prepared to forecast items for a certain time of the year we will guarantee delivery dates. If your order has not arrived within the expected delivery time, please contact us at



All parcels are dispatched with a tracking number. Once your parcel is dispatched a tracking number will be emailed to you.

If I need something faster than the “normal” delivery, can it be done?

Usually… yes. But this must be discussed on a case by case basis. Just give us on and we will let you know what the extra charges will be and the expected arrival date.

Is my signature required on delivery?

Yes… either you or a representative of your establishment must sign the delivery documents. You must also check your delivery to make sure everything is there. Lovely Linen cannot be held responsible for shortages if you have not checked your delivery and signed the documents.