Luxury Duvet Inner Collections

Our story started with sourcing the best quality products that are available in South Africa, and putting all the products under one umbrella.

When it comes to bedtime, nothing beats the feeling of cocooning yourself under a cosy duvet. Whether you love the whisper-light warmth of down and comforting texture, our collection of natural and synthetic duvets promise to keep you the perfect temperature all year with various Tog Values to choose from re warmth. 

A duvet normal life span is up to max 5 years BUT investing in a high quality product you can double the life span than we can guarantee.

Yours might need replacing if: Your duvet is Discolored, Smell, Lumping or Lack of Plumpness.

Duvets Inners should be washed / dry cleaned at least twice a year to ensure longevity and prevent dust mites.


Available in 4, 7 & 11.5  Tog

Available in 4, 11 & 15 Tog

Available in 4, 10 & 14 Tog

Available in All Year Use
Sold Out

Available in 13 Tog

Available in 12.5 Tog


Available in 6 & 14 Tog

Available in All Year Use

Available in 11 Tog

Available in 6 Tog


2 x Inners Clip Together = 11 Tog

2 x Inners Clip Together = 15 Tog

2 x Inners Clip Together = 14 Tog