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Goose Feather & Down Mattress Topper / Converter


Luxury Feather & Down mattress topper that offers maximum sleep comfort and can assist with back support.

What it feels like: The best feather & down topper to buy.
Suggested to improve sleep and mattress comfort.
Rejuvenates tired mattresses.
Elasticated sides fit under your mattress protector.

Toppers are also used in the hospitality industry as a mattress converter to convert two single beds pushed together, into a king size bed.

Once you’ve discovered mattress toppers, you’ll never go back to sleeping without.

Composition: 100% cotton downproof 233 thread count with feather & down filling. Block formation to reduce filling movement.


Mattress topper or mattress protector? Which one is right for you? And what’s the difference?
The quick answer is that a mattress topper (or pad) is all about adding comfort to your night’s sleep, while a mattress protector is all about protecting your mattress from spills and stains, and you from potentially allergy-inducing dust mites.

A Lofty cushion of softness supports your every move. It has a deep super stretch fit which caters for every mattress depth. The super stretch skirt tightly grips your mattress for a secure fit. This topper also doubles as a mattress protector and is the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

For the ultimate in comfort, the mattress topper provides a cushion of comfort and softness that supports every move. Made with a deep fitting, super stretch skirt to fit most mattress depths for a snug and secure fit.

Dry cleanable, follow instructions on label for best results.

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Filling: Washed, sterilized, sorted, graded to (EDFA) standards including DIN EN 12934, 12935, 12130 and 1164.
Fabric: 100% cotton downproof 233 thread count. Certified free from harmful chemicals in compliance with Oeko-tex Standard 100.
Construction: Block formation to reduce filling movement.
Ethics: Ethically sourced raw materials (ESRM).
Washing: Dry cleanable, follow instructions on label for best results.
Anti-allergenic: Not known to cause allergies and suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.

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