Choosing the right pillow…

The right pillow is essential for a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep. Finding the perfect pillow for you comes down to your shape and size and the position you sleep in.

A pillow’s normal life span is just two to four years. Pillows have a much shorter life than duvets because they’re flattened by the weight of our heads. Once pillows start to go, they no longer give the support you need and can become very unhygienic.

Here are some signs that your pillow needs replacing:

Your pillow is discolored

We lose up to a pint of sweat each night. This inevitably dirties and stains your pillow cover and allows unhealthy bacteria to grow inside the filling.

You wake up with neck ache

It may be because your pillow has become flat or lumpy and no longer supports your neck as it should. It may also mean that you have the wrong pillow for your sleeping style.

You wake up wheezy or with a runny or blocked nose

You may be allergic to house dust mites living in your pillow. New pillows are dust mite free.

Once a week, pop your pillows in a tumble dryer for 15 minutes
to kill dust mites and freshen and fluff them.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury pillow and want the softest and cosy. 90% Hungarian Goose Down or 60% Hungarian Goose Down Pillow. Both these pillows have a high down content, are very soft and mould to the shape of your head, they’re very popular choice.
If you like a medium firmness pillow that is soft. 100% Organic Mulberry Silk or 50% Royal Comfort Duck Down Pillow. These pillow are made an equal blend of fluffy duck down and small feathers: a feather pillow with quite a medium down content for medium firmness.
If you like a heavy firm pillow. 50% Comfort Duck Down Pillow or 20% Comfort Duck Down & 80% Feather. Italian Fine Fibre Firm. These pillows have a relatively higher feather content and are heavier and firmer as a result.
If you want a pillow that won’t make you too hot or sweaty at night. Consider 100% Organic Mulberry Silk or Hungarian Goose Down pillows. Another excellent option os our Micro-Memory pillow. The higher the down content of a pillow the better it will be at regulating your body temperature. The Memory Fibres in out Micro-Memory pillow allow air to circulate and prevent a build-up of heat and humidity.
You prefer a down alternative or “synthetic” pillow, but you want the best quality and luxury available. Italian Fine Fibre Pillow. Choose between the soft/medium or medium/firm option, depending on your desired firmness. Fine Fibre pillows feel like the softest Goose Down and are an ideal alternative to down and feather pillows. The ultimate luxury manmade pillow available.
You want a pillow designed to support your head and neck and reduce muscle tension. Micro-Memory Pillow. This is the ultimate luxury pillow for head and neck support and is proven to reduce muscle tension.
You are a stomach sleeper. Consider Hungarian Goose Down, or alternatively a Fine Fibre Soft/Medium pillow We typically recommend a soft pillow for stomach sleepers.
You are a back sleeper. Consider 50% Duck Down, 80% Feather & Down or Fibrepuff pillow. We typically recommend a medium – firm pillow for back sleepers.
You are a side sleeper. Consider 100% Organic Mulberry Silk or Micro-Memory Pillow We typically recommend a firm pillow for side sleepers as they offer the most support in this position.
You are a back sleeper. Consider 50% Duck Down, 80% Feather & Down or Fibrepuff pillow. We typically recommend a medium – firm pillow for back sleepers.