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600TC Egyptian Cotton Sateen Pillowcases – Oxford


Experience this exquisite range  with a beautiful sheen and depth, fabulous quality that can be difficult to find these days. The high thread count and soft sheen of the sateen weave makes this contemporary-look bed linen particularly desirable.

With a tight weave of 600TC per inch, this bed linen stands as a testament to enduring quality, ensuring it becomes a valuable investment for many years to come. The silky feel and smooth looks of these sheets drape beautifully, with a satisfying weight and all the natural characteristics of 100% pure cotton. Cool, fresh, breathable… you’re in for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Available in: White in a variety of finishes.

Availability: Lead time is 2-3 weeks in production.

Note that colour satin stitching can be done in any colour or colour combination.

Products can be custom made to your specifications.

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Machine wash between 40 - 60°C - With a mild detergent and small amount of fabric softener if needed. It is best to hang linen out to dry in the shade to prevent discolouring of colour fabrics.

Detergent - Never use strong chemicals or detergents on your linen. We recommend a domestic liquid detergent readily available at all supermarkets. If you are making use of a laundromat make sure to research what detergents they are using as most industrial laundromats (not recommended) use industrial washing powders which contain bleaching agents (optical brighteners) which will fade coloured cotton and damage the natural fabrics. Small amounts of fabric softener can be used on cotton however this is not necessary.

Tumble drying - When you tumble dry, do so on low heat. We do not recommend tumble drying as there is a tendency to over dry on a high heat which will damage the fabric. If tumble drying is necessary do not over dry and remove promptly to avoid unnecessary creasing. Line drying is recommended for longevity as it puts the least amount of stress on the fabric. Coloured cotton bedding should be dried out of direct sunlight, UVs fade the colour.

Ironing - Iron using a steam iron on the correct heat setting or iron while slightly damp.

Please allow at least 2 - 3 weeks in production before you receive your linen order. Unless specified differently. Items are delivered to your door via courier.