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Italian Fine Fibre Range Duvet Inners


Fine Fibre duvets feel like the softest Goose Down and are an ideal alternative to down and feather duvets. Duvets mould to your body and are soft and luxurious just like a down duvet.
Superb quality down alternative duvet. Purchase this duvet if you prefer a man-made duvet but insist on the best quality available.

What it feels like: Like Goose down even though it isn’t: Light, soft and luxuriously comfortable.

About this duvet:
Engineered in Italy, Fine Fibre duvets are the choice of many 5 star hotels.
Duvets are quilted in our signature diamond pattern to ensure filling does not move during sleep.

Available in: Summer & Winter Duvet Inners

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Why choose a down alternative duvet or pillow?

Quality down alternative duvets offer many of the qualities that down duvets do: warmth without weight, moulding to your body for warmth. If you prefer a down alternative duvet or pillow for ethical reasons then there are excellent down alternatives available, like our Fine Fibre range.

Why Choose a 100% Cotton Casing

100% Cotton is breathable and enhances a duvet or pillow’s effectiveness at regulating your body temperature.

You can machine wash our duvets at up to 
30°C on a delicate cycle. Tumble dry. While in theory you can wash and dry your duvet at home, we do recommend professional laundering because you need a large enough TOP loader not to force duvet / pillows into washing machine otherwise material might be damaged. Do not add fabric softener. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

Orders are subject to stock availability and receipt of payment. Requests will be processed and prepared for delivery only once payment has been received. Please note: Orders can take up to approximately 2 weeks to deliver from date of receipt of confirmation of order and payment. Unless specified differently. Items are delivered to your door via courier.

Composition: Italian FineFibre.
Filling is engineered in Italy and is available in South Africa
Anti-Allergenic & Safe for house dust mite allergy sufferers.
NOMITE certified (suitable for house dust mite sufferers).
100% Cotton Downproof casing.
Quilted in our signature diamond pattern to prevent cold spots.

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