Pure Mulberry Silk More Benefits

Sheer Luxury

There’s nothing as decadent as slipping between silk sheets at the end of the day. The subtle lustre of the fabric, its sensual texture, its luxurious drape – all make silk a seductive pleasure to the touch and to the eye.

Silk filled duvets nestle around the body, preventing drafts common to thicker duvets which can bunch. As the silk floss within the duvet is a cohesive unit, there a no “cold spots” associated with other types of duvets. It is the ultimate in luxury bedding.


Beauty & Health

Smooth and soft, silk is kind to your skin and hair – resulting in true “beauty sleep”. This 100% natural fibre is composed of the same amino acids that are in the human body, which may help to heal, soothe inflammation and slow the signs of aging.

The tightly-woven fibres retain moisture, which means hydrated, plump skin cells, fewer fine lines and more luminosity. Likewise, silk helps to keep hair soft, moisturised and tangle-free. Its texture reduces damaging friction and may extend the life of your hairstyle.


Comfort & Ease

Smooth and light, silk allows easy movement between the sheets – especially soothing for people with skin irritation, such as eczema and hair loss due to medical treatments, or mobility-limiting conditions.



Silk is a natural thermo-regulator, ensuring comfort throughout the seasons. On hot nights, it draws excess moisture away from the body; the more moisture absorbed by the silk, the cooler it feels. On cold winter nights, silk’s large fibres and low conductivity keep warm air close to the skin.



Silk is hypoallergenic and thus ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Its protein structure repels dust mites and acts as a natural antibacterial, inhibiting the growth of mould and micro-organisms.

Increased Circulation

Silk duvets are generally a fraction of the weight of a down or wool duvet of similar warmth. This decreases discomfort caused by arthritis and joint pain, and allows for increased blood circulation.


Durable & Safe

Silk is one of nature’s strongest fibres, with a tensile strength comparable to steel. It’s extremely hard wearing, and a good-quality silk product, if cared for properly, will last many years.

It’s also non-combustible – it disintegrates rather than burning. This makes it a very safe option, ideal for children’s bedding.