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100% Mulberry Silk Range Duvet Inners


The duvet is quilted with pure mulberry silk floss, which is the most prestigious silk you can buy due to its fine long yarn for a softer feel and silkier drape.

Blissfully lightweight and naturally hypo-allergenic, the duvet helps to regulate your body temperature by trapping warm air next to your skin in winter and drawing it away from your skin in summer

The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet inners act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs since they are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival.

Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk.

Available in: Summer, Autumn, Winter & All Season Duvet Inners.

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Silk provides the same warmth as down, but breathes and moves moisture away from the skin. Silk is lightweight – providing warmth without excess weight.
Silk naturally adjusts to your body temperature so is the natural choice all year round
Silk, being hypoallergenic, it is inhospitable to dust mites and, for those allergic to feathers, provides the perfect alternative to down
Silk has wonderful temperature regulating properties – it can satisfy two sleepers with different definitions of ‘warm’ and ‘cozy’ …. it even caters for hot flushes!!
A silk duvet naturally conforms to your body position to create even warmth around you without cold spots
Silk is permanently contained within the duvet outer, unlike alternative fillings such as down, wool, etc.
Though beautiful and white, these duvets are the greenest you can get – all natural fibre.

Why Choose a 100% Cotton Casing 100% Cotton is breathable and enhances a duvet or pillow’s effectiveness at regulating your body temperature.

Silk contains natural anti-bacterial properties, thus the silk floss inside the duvet / pillow should not need to be washed or cleaned. Ensure that duvet covers and pillow cases are used to keep your duvets and pillows clean. Duvets and pillows can be aired outside out of direct sunlight every few months to keep them fresh. Should you spill on the duvet, the area can be spot cleaned using a gentle detergent (not containing bleach, enzymes, brighteners or fabric softeners) and cold water. Ensure the detergent is rinsed out thoroughly with plenty of water. Gently pat the duvet to remove excess water. Do not wring the area. Leave the duvet to dry naturally. The silk may need to be gently pulled within the casing to “refluff” the area washed. Please note that the silk can get caught in the zipper of the pillow. Do not wash the entire product. The duvets and pillows are not machine washable. Please do NOT dry clean the duvets and pillows. Dry-cleaning chemicals can cause the silk floss to become brittle.

Orders are subject to stock availability and receipt of payment. Requests will be processed and prepared for delivery only once payment has been received. Please note: Orders can take up to approximately 2 weeks to deliver from date of receipt of confirmation of order and payment. Unless specified differently. Items are delivered to your door via courier.

Composition: 100% Organic Mulberry Silk.
The silk fibres inside your Mulberry silk duvet inners act as a repellent to dust mites and bugs since they are deprived of the moist environment they require for their survival.
Breathable Silk being a natural product is breathable allowing your body to maintain a more stable temperature.
Hypoallergenic Silk is a natural protein and therefore is far less hospitable to dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis.
Luxurious comfort Silk duvets drape over your body instead of “suffocating” you with the bulk of a conventional duvet.